Immersive games

immersive games

Every once in a while, we are treated to a game world so immersive, and so well- developer that it earns. I'm looking to get lost in another world, because this one is getting boring. I found myself *extremely* immersed in: * Subnautica * Sunless. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Your TOP 5 or top 10 most IMMERSIVE games ever made.". Far Cry 2 was probably the most progressive fps of the previous decade, apart from the original Halo. It's weird you mention Skyrim, because this game didn't work at all for me. I remember talking to Vigil on Ilos, and the next time I heard Vigil's Theme playing on the main menu, I cried. Here's how you do it in darkmod: Absurdly excellent art style, dazzlingly beautiful graphics, eerie noises, confounding music, deep, solid gameplay, and a storyline that is arguably one of the best in all of videogame history: Following the Rules of Reddit is required. I had to pause the game once and go outside for some fresh air and clear my head before I was able to continue. I for one highly value how immersive a story-centered videogame experience. I'll never forget seeing hydra from distance and feeling literally terrified. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. In skyrim, I was hooked by the first dungeon, huge spider descends from the ceiling and spits me in the face! It's as if they took everything from Stalker series and made it even more immersive. I was clearing out a building with an ally, and in bust two enemy soldiers. It will be the first game I'll try once I have a VR headset. So then you start watching your back and then they come from the front. History of almost everything you see Every item has a description, every NPC has a backstory, every mob has a reason to spawn where it is at. Okay, NOW we'll just build one more weapon before going after those canni injured her head. Driving boats through the tunnels on a air boat, with a simply mount gun to mow down the beasts that swarm the tunnels. I don't know if that says something about me psychologically, but I felt like I had just discovered the cure to cancer and aids simultaneously. Probably in the original Red Orchestra playing milsim. immersive games No general URL shorteners bitly, tinyurl. AMA Schedule Want to see which designers, reviewers, and publishers space spiele be dropping by to discuss their work? Hexenherz Hexenherz 3 months ago 5 Life is Strange is really gripping if you want a game like the TellTale games but a million times better. No one sits down to have a little chat to get you up to speed. You should try real life. As good as AC2 was and I like 3 as well something about the original worked so well on a lore level. It was too real to me.

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To increase immersion I play with the volume as loud as I can. The only way I'd be able to play something like Amnesia would be by doing exactly that. If you want a new game check out Alan Wake, Dear Esther, or BioShock. A couple of important NPCs had voice acting that sounded like a computer programmer standing in. This is an archived post. Oblivion, Skyrim, Mad Max, Final Fantasy IX. Honorable mention to Metroid Prime, largely for similar reasons, but Samus is a loner older than me!

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